THAT FIRST VISIT to a Naturist Club

There are so many thoughts going through one's head, on that first visit to a naturist club!  We hope you enjoy the cartoon from The Guardian and feel that you will easily fit in.

At some time or other you can rest assured that nearly every thought or concern or worry that you have had, someone has already experienced. We cannot cover everything in the few boxes below, but we hope it will help 'melt the ice'.

Read on below. There is more about that first visit and more on about Heritage and who we are on these links.

        Its lovely to be able to relax 
        without worrying about the kids. 
        Everyone keeps an eye 
        on them and helps.
 We can chat and relax 
 and beat each other 
 at backgammon.


MOSTLY for the MEN
Everyone is looking at me!  Should I lie on my tummy? 
In any party or gathering newcomers are always noticed; that's how we will be able to make you welcome.

In naturist clubs like Heritage, no one is interested in what you are like, but who you are.

Do remember that it is the face that carries the most information - we all read each others faces as part of making conversation.


Its certainly true that most men on their first visit to a naturist location (club or beach etc) do worry how they will 'react'.

In practice ( and in the long experience of Heritage ) the friendly outdoor and sunny atmosphere is not the environment which makes men think they must roll onto their tummies!

But - hey - we'll turn down the pool heating and you can have a quick dip!


But my body is horrible! What's this business with towels?
ummmm ... we've all thought that at least once! 

What is so nice in a naturist club is that we are all shapes and sizes and ages - it really doesn't matter.

In fact, it is an enormous mark of naturist mutual respect that what we look like is really not the issue.


Ah - you noticed!

Yes ..  we do make sure that we all use a towel etc to sit on.

All the facilities etc are communal and the most reasonable way to ensure they keep fresh and clean is to ask naturists to sit on something of their own before they plonk themselves on a chair or sofa.


I've had serious surgery! My beer belly is oversize!
Really? You'll find probably a quarter of us have had some surgery or other - and that includes mastectomies.

Scars are part of life - we all have them - at Heritage we have several members who have had serious transplants, heart surgery, breast cancer etc.

In a strange way its easier to feel secure about this when you can notice how many others may have been through something similar.


Errrr .... get some exercise ??

Its just a fact of life that many of us get the 'fuller figure' as we get older. Most of us never had that Adonis figure anyway - but we liked to pretend we did.

Heritage does provide lots of opportunities to lose a few pounds - and we don't have a licensed bar - so at least it wont get worse!


( I've got my period! ) Is everything communal including the showers and toilets?
Naturist clubs know women have periods!

If you use Tampons, then fine - use them and carry on as before.

Some of us use pads etc. which need little briefs - then fine - use them and carry on as before.

 You can decide whether to swim or not. The pool area is always a fully nude area, so before you swim, nip into the ladies and dispose of the pad.


Different clubs, beaches and resorts have different ways of organising this. There is no 'norm'.

At Heritage we provide separate men's and women's toilets.

The showers and washroom ( and of course the sauna ) are communal.


Will my kids be safe? I've got jewellery and body piercing 'down there'?
Heritage is a family club. In fact most of us with families feel much happier and more secure about our children at Heritage than we do anywhere else.

When we camp, many of us mums still have to work and we have always found it easy to leave our children in the watchful care of another mum or dad while we're out.

Heritage has well defined fences and boundaries - so it is impossible for a child to 'run off'. If there is an accident then many of us have nursing or first aid qualifications.


At Heritage we do not allow genital or nipple jewellery. So if you do have such adornments, you will be required to remove them before enjoying our facilities.

That is not true of all clubs and resorts - and on the continent you will find a wider degree of acceptance of this.

Heritage does not worry about shaved / smooth  genital areas.


What about sex? But some of us are still single?
Nearly all of us have (or have had) children so we know about sex .... errr ...we think!

 [A naturist club is not in any circumstances a sex club, and the very first sign of inappropriate behaviour is taken very seriously.]


Just once in a while a romance blossoms and its lovely when it does.

Our single women and men don't come to Heritage to find a partner - generally they come to relax and enjoy the sun in a stress free atmosphere.


Be a cool dude and a pool nude.
Cartoon reproduced not yet with kind permission of Steven Appleby & The Guardian - June 2001

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I wasn't certain about it when I joined! The laughter is catching at Heritage We look forward to seeing you at Heritage
This tent is a PALACE! Its always hot in here! I get brown at Costa Natura and stay that way
Beer and sun - the chill out medicine It isnt a long walk to the loos We dont always hide in the bushes!

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